What to buy for the man who has it all?

If you’re stuck for ideas for mens Christmas gifts this year then how about checking out these ideas? Choosing Christmas gifts for men shouldn’t be so difficult, so let’s make it a fun experience!

So grab a coffee, sit back, put your feet up, and browse through my selection of ideas for mens Christmas gifts that will make gift-giving a breeze.

All my suggestions for mens Christmas gifts are hot off the press and featured right now on Ebay and Amazon. Depending on your budget, you could choose from something fun and gadgety to something flashy and extravagant. Just follow the links for more information!

Men’s Watches

Men love watches, there’s no doubt about it!

If you’re thinking about buying a watch for the man in your life this Christmas, then it will be important to consider your budget and the style of watch that he would enjoy.

Most men who care about the way they look probably own (or would like to own) a few different watches for different occasions. There’s the casual watch, for every day use. Then there’s the weekend watch, a little more elegant perhaps. A sporty watch might suit the man needing a durable and waterproof timepiece. And then, of course there’s the more sophisticated and flashy watch that is every man’s dream, and if he’s lucky enough to own one then it’s usually his absolute pride and joy.

If you have a particular style and budget in mind then it will probably be easier to narrow down the type of watch to buy. When browsing through different watches, consider the features that would be important, such as digital versus analog, alarm functions, waterproofing, battery power and scratch resistance. Prices of watches do vary quite dramatically depending on brand name and quality.
Beer Mugs

Beer mugs are very popular mens Christmas gifts.

They add some lighthearted fun to gift-giving on Christmas Day. Beer mugs come in different styles and sizes, from gag gifts and stocking stuffers to beautifully designed crystal.

A beer mug would suit most budgets because prices start from under $10 and range to over $100.

For men who don’t drink beer, no problem! A beer mug can hold any kind of beverage; they don’t necessarily have to contain beer or other alcoholic beverages.

Some beer mugs allow for engraving to make the gift even more personalized.


Novelty LED Shower Heads

This is a fun and novelty gift idea for men – a “Color Changing LED Shower Head”!

This cool gadget makes shower time fun for big kids. The shower head changes the appearance of the water color while showering, depending on the temperature of the water running through it. For the gadget-man, this neat gift will keep him occupied for hours. If you’re wondering where he is, the chances are that he will probably be in the shower.

No batteries are needed in this shower head; it simply attaches directly to a shower pipe.


Men’s Wallets

Keep him organized with a stylish wallet that will hold all his bills and credit cards.

There are different styles of wallets available, so think about his personal style and the functionality of the wallet he uses today.

For example, for a man who regularly wears jackets and suits, a breast pocket wallet would probably suit very well, because it will easily fit inside a jacket pocket. For men who usually carry a lot of small items in their pockets, including loose change or keys, then a zippered wallet might be more his style. For the clutter-free gentleman who carries nothing but credit cards and dollar bills, a bi-fold money clip wallet could suit him just perfectly.


Kindle & Accessories

For the educated man who loves to read, how about choosing an Amazon Kindle eBook Reader and accessories? The popular Kindle device is designed to browse and download e-books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. For any man who enjoys reading, the Kindle is the best choice of all these mens Christmas gifts.

He can choose and download reading material without carrying around bulky books, newspapers or magazines. Simply browse and buy. The Kindle is perfect for men who are always on-the-go or travel frequently.

NEW for 2011 is the Kindle Fire. So much more than a kindle e-book reader it’s a tablet computer, similar in many respects to Apple’s iPad only a lot less expensive. Check it out!


A Set of Wheels?

If you’re still stuck for ideas then how about the ultimate of all mens Christmas gifts? Buy him a fancy car! What man wouldn’t enjoy stepping outside to find a brand new Mercedes-Benz, Corvette, or Porsche 911 on his front lawn on Christmas morning?

Just for fun, check out these hot cars for sale right now on Ebay.

If these shiny wheels are a little out of your price range then not to worry – you could always treat him to a remote control toy car this Christmas and he’d probably be just as happy, especially a super cool remote control Lambourghini like the one featured below!